Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All I want for Christmas . . .

Ava lost her first tooth in January.  That top tooth was not at all loose, and only came out because of a violent encounter with the top of Jack's head.  The new tooth has decided to take its good ol' time coming in (10 months so far).  Well, last week Jack's head took care of Ava's other top tooth while she was spinning him on the tire swing.  Poor Ava . . . but at least she has a good start to her Christmas list.

And I couldn't pass up the chance to show off our very first (though half eaten) carrot from our garden. I am surprised how much my kiddos like them - they act like they have won the lottery!


  1. Haha, How many teeth will it be before that girl loses one the old fashioned way? That suits Ava though...paving her own way.

  2. Good thing she is the "sturdy middle":) And the carrots are amazing! Wow! We are on our way to our self-suffient commune!

  3. homegrown carrots those are like winning the lottery!
    I think I am going to send David over to play with Jack - we can't get those top teeth out.